laurie winthers

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Artist Laurie Winthers earned a BA from California State University in Sacramento in 1976. Later, she studied painting at CSU Sacramento, University of California, Davis, the School of Light and Color in Fair Oaks, CA, and with artist Jean LaMour.

A fifth generation Californian, Winthers grew up in the Bay Area. Living in Pajaro Dunes, she is drawn to California's open spaces. Her paintings portray sweeping views of uninterrupted land and sky, places where food is grown, where animals graze, where water naturally stands. Generally devoid of people, buildings, and animals, the art reflects the artist's keen interest in preserving the natural open spaces of her childhood.  

Winthers captures the light on the landscape using a bold color pallet that powerfully portrays the beauty and solitude found in space and quiet. The shimmering light and color in her work, along with the furrows and folds of the land, create a stunning perspective.