cindy wilSON


Cindy Wilson’s work has been collected nationwide by private collectors and photographed by the Library of Congress, which is now held in its permanent records in Washington D.C.  A surprising honor for the self taught artist.

Cindy's playful manor focuses on the lighter moments of life. The Anticipated Vacation, the Colorful Beach Ball, the Summer Sun Dress - these are all common topics in her work. Due to strength, color and tactile texture, the use of high-fire red clay and concrete are the materials of choice. Cindy's work ranges from life size pieces intended for the garden under a tree or thoughtfully placed by the poolside, to small pieces that might be placed on the table top in your favorite room.

Cindy's day begins with a big cup of coffee inside of an 80-year old tin building she calls her studio. The studio is flanked by a redwood barn, a few sweet goats, a feral cat that doesn’t know what the word feral means any longer, and she is frequently visited by a number of curious chickens. Cindy believes because of these very simple surroundings she is able to remember the basic source of her happiness. This genuinely shines in her work.