For many years I was a newspaper reporter and spent 40 hours a week interviewing sources and writing stories. As a painter, I try to paint a story that provokes both questions and feelings. Painting has been the most satisfying and at times most frustrating of all my creative endeavors. But I paint every day, sometimes ALL day. I cannot NOT paint.

I started painting ten years ago after an injury that prevented me from using a computer. I soon discovered that this was my passion and took art classes both locally and in Los Angeles with artists whose work I admired.

At home, my sketches and paints spilled all over into every room much to the annoyance of my family, so I converted the garage into a studio, which is where I go every day. I also enjoy plein air painting and I’m most attracted to urban or industrial landscapes, painting these barren and often eerily evocative scenes early in the morning when the light is cool and clear.

Painting en plein air is always a challenge with ever changing light patterns, especially in my home country, the UK. I do quick oil sketches on board, backed up with a digital camera and if I like that composition and the scene I’ll develop that painting later in the studio.

I also love portrait painting and figurative work. It constantly amazes me how I can study someone’s face for several hours and then realize that I had completely missed a critical structure that makes the whole portrait come together.

This past year I’ve been fortunate enough to win several awards for my work in both local and statewide competitions.


• 1st Place, Los Gatos Art Association Annual Open Juried Show, 2009
• 1st Place, Menlo College Plein Air Paintout, 2009
• Best in Show, Society of Western Artists, 2008